Light the Way Initiative


  • We started Light the Way program as a way of giving back to those who do not have access to education. We have partnered with program such as ARAHA on giving back to underprivileged children who don’t have the means to purchase books and other school supplies. As part of the BE-U program, 20% of your monthly membership is donated.


Why Give Back?

  • Light the Way was originated as a way to give back because personally, coming from an immigrant family where my father had to provide for us on a teacher salary has been very humbling yet empowering experience for me. As I continued to further pursue my studies, I was able to receive scholarships and small financial aid that enabled me to dream big and achieve higher education.


  • Looking  back, I am grateful to have given the opportunities to pursue my education. Light the Way stemmed from this constant need of giving back, especially to those who are not able to pay the fee for school registration, pay for the essential books and supplies, or for the tuition itself. Growing up, these are the individuals whom I had first hand knowledge of seeing their struggles. Children who were working to make a living instead of being in school.


How many people can this impact?

  • “It’s not enough to help many people.” I hear that a lot. To them I say, we may not have the ability to empower everyone who are struggling to pursue education in this world, but we can light their way slowly, one individual at a time.


Can I Make a Direct Donation?

  • Yes, most definitely! Click the link to directly donate for the cause, select education from the list of programs that are available: Donate.


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