Overcome technical barriers, get visible, grow your business

What's inside?

Here is a little peek inside our programs at BE-U

  • We focus on core principles such as money, mindset, marketing, your consumers, and allow you to really align your business with those areas so that you come up with clear image of where your business needs to focus.
  • We also focus on removing the barriers of technical how-to and your business from getting to the next level. We also focus on teaching you tools and resources that are cost effective yet cutting edge and will allow you to automate and better manage your business.
  • We teach you skills that are needed in real world to differentiate your business. These skills are filled with tools and techniques that you can implement from day one.
  • At BE-U we focus on making your learning a priority, we add lessons weekly so there is always something new and exciting waiting for you at the end of the week. Plus you get access to our experts for any questions through out your journey.

At BE-U, we give you the tools and techniques that allow you to get your business up and running efficiently

  •  At BE-U we help you building a clear picture of your business priorities
  • We help you find the best and most cost effective tools to aid and grow your business.
  • Help you manage your business in the real world.
  • Help you manage your time and use it effectively.
  • Help you discover and connect with our community.

We know that you have the strength to move forwards. We are glad to see that you are able to cope with the stress factors. We can see that out of all the necessary skills you need in this business, you have the main one that keeps you going: Ambition.

But burning a candle at both ends will only get you so far. The last seconds of that candle’s life will come, its flame will be lighting its last seconds, and you will find yourself in the most vulnerable phase of your business.


It has one main goal and that is to empower you. So come and get acquainted with Biz Empowered University, also known as BE-U. And the abbreviation is no mistake: this University will be your guide to discovering and being yourself, your true self. This is the message: "Be You".

At BE-U, we are here to guide you through the toughest periods of your business. We manage to do this by giving you to access a community full of precious resources. This is where you will be able to find anything that could, and will, help you get through the hardest parts of your job. We are all living in this fast era of information also known as the internet age. And this has resulted in a huge growth of stimuli, whose goal you might think is to help you.

In fact, they will end up actually decreasing in your client’s attention span and damaging you and your business. Let’s do a little basic math in order to better understand how all of this relates. We have you, being a solopreneur and focusing on numerous tasks. This combination of dangerous factors is one of the main causes that leads businesses into crisis. This is why you need someone to guide you and offer you hacks, tips, or tricks. You need resources that will ease up your business life.

  • Self paced trainings, masterclasses, and tutorials.
  • Participate to our weekly Q&A threads. 
  • A place to showcase your business and connect with other business owners who are looking for someone just like you.
  • Access our private community so that you can connect and network.
  • A weekly thread that will ask our resident experts about your specific business questions.

Preview of Courses

  • Take a step towards investing in your business and join BE-U today to start growing your business and living the life with freedom and give back to those who are less privileged as a result. 
  • You see, every dollar you spend, we are giving back 20% of that to the children in Africa and Bangladesh as part of Light the Way Initiative. The children are given books, school supplies, and scholarships to encourage learning and obtaining education. 
  • It’s a win-win situation for you because not only you are investing in yourself and your business, but you are paving the way for children who don’t have the tools or means to getting education.